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                          Nanjing Kejin Industrial LLC .was invited to give internship training speech to postgraduates who study in Nanjin university College of Electronic Science and Engineering.

                          Author:Nanjing Kejin    Read Count:448    Time:2015/2/9 11:06:56

                            ·In the afternoon of November 28 , 2004 , the company’s general manager Yu jianyong was invited to give speech to the 2014 session of the internship training postgraduates in Nanjing University’s Pan Zhonglai report hall  who study in Nanjin university College of Electronic Science and Engineering. invited units were consisted of Nanjing NO.14 Research Institute ,Nanjing Huawei Institute ,General Hospital of Nanjing Military Region, Nanjing Jin Xiao Electronics LLC. ,Nanjing Kejin Industrial LLC and other 14 companies .Before the meeting ,the assistant dean of the professor Wang qingyuan known some situation about graduate students internships from general manager Yu jianyong ,the professor Wang were very concerned about company’s achievements in research & development ,innovation and  production .Meanwhile ,he known process of research & development in TCD and Ultrasound bone densitometer , besides , the professor also expressed thanks to company’s works in cultivating Nanjing university’s postgraduates .During the meeting , general manager Yu jianyong introduced his company’s background ,products, internal management system ,new technologies use in the company's new products and some research subjects which can provide to postgraduates ,this subjects include  Small signal extraction technology in the application of TCD ,Using software to improve the sensitivity of TCD ,the FPGA technology in the application of Ultrasound bone densitometer interface and so on .After meeting ,Pan yue and other six students participate in our company’s research projects ,meanwhile ,our company will provide guidance teachers and experimental conditions for these students .Finally ,our company will work with Nanjing university’s tutors help these students complete the graduation thesis and research.