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                          The 73th Shanghai CMEF (China International Medical Equipment Fair) has ended successfully, we thank you for visiting our “Kejin” company’s booth

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                            Nanjing Kejin Industrial LLC. Is originated form Southeast University in1996. Besides, Southeast University is a famous university with more than 100 years history in China. We are professional manufacturer of Ultrasonic Transcranial Doppler (TCD) with 20 years. In recent years, we have cooperated with South Korea’s medical instrument companies OSTEOSYS and B.M.Tech to sale and develop Ultrasound Bone Densitometer. What’s more, we are also developing different series of color Doppler ultrasound, and these new products will be sold in the end of this year.
                            TCD is a professional equipment which can be used in neurology to detect cerebral blood flow. In China, TCD is widely used in different kinds of medical examination centers and hospitals, TCD is also a conventional medical equipment. In china, our company has the largest numbers in selling and producing TCD instruments, with more than 1000 TCD instruments every year. We have different types of TCD, there are mainly : Trolley type TCD(normal or luxury) 、 Laptop TCD、 USB-BOX For TCD.

                            1、Trolley type TCD (Include TCD host、probe、monitor、printer、the keyboard and mobile trolley);
                            2、Laptop TCD(TCD hardware,PC,all-in-one)
                            3、USB-BOX For TCD (Need to be connected to a computer);
                            4、All in one touch screen TCD.
                            Distinguish from function: 1CHANNEL,2CHANNEL,1DEPTH,2DEPTH,4DEPTH.Probe: 2MHz, 4MHz, 8MHz.
                            Nanjing Kejin Industrial LLC. has the largest numbers in different types of TCD instruments in China, we have 22 different types of TCD instruments, these different types of TCD instruments can satisfy with different customers’ demands, at the same time, we provide English version TCD software .
                            Ultrasound Bone Densitometer can be used for detecting osteoporosis. In recent years, these medical equipment are very popular in hospitals. Our company has different types of Ultrasound Bone Densitometer.

                            1、“ Smart” model(Need to be connected to a computer);
                            2、“UBD2002A” model(PC system inside, need a monitor and keyboard );
                            3、 “OSTEOKJ2000” model(Need to be connected to a computer);
                            Our company’s Ultrasound Bone Densitometer has an advantage in price through the world, especially the types which manufactured in China. Our company hopes more and more foreign friends can cooperate with us.