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                          Congratulation Nanjing Kejin Industrial LLC . ranked Jiangsu province in 2014 the first pass the credit management standards acceptance list.

                          Author:Nanjing Kejin    Read Count:436    Time:2015/2/9 15:53:09
                            On October 23, 2014,  the social credit system department  in Jiangsu province published in 2014 the first pass the credit management acceptance list. Our company was in this list. This marked the credit management of our company is getting better and better.
                            Enterprise’s credit management is the most important factor in this economy era and it also a priceless resource in this society. The aim of the credit management standard is improving abilities to resist risk and setting up good social image. Nanjing Kejin Industrial LLC . attaches great importance to enterprise credit management,  adhere to honesty,  making a 100-year company,  our company through the effective implement enterprise credit management, establishing the enterprise image, improve enterprise's popularity.
                            Nanjing Kejin Industrial LLC .will catch this opportunity, treating enterprise’s credit as the most valuable wealth. If we continuing to develop the enterprise’s credit, our company will have more opportunities for  development.